Apple Watch again ‘saves’ a life by detecting a heart condition

Since the Apple Watch Series 4 with the ECG function came on the market, several news stories have emerged in which the device has been able to help detect cardiac conditions for several users. In a way, it can be said that the device has been able to ‘save’ their lives because sometimes these diseases can have serious consequences. The last news we have known is that of a British man who wanted to share his story on Reddit, which we are telling you below.

Apple is very focused on the Apple Watch to help users stay in shape and therefore stay healthy. Also the health functions themselves like the measurement of the heart rate or the possibility of performing ECG helps users like Toni Cortés, with whom we were lucky enough to chat a few months ago. But the last known case is that of Phill Harrison , a British user.

Apple Watch again ‘saves’ a life by detecting a heart condition
Apple Watch again ‘saves’ a life by detecting a heart condition

Harrison told his story in the first person on Reddit’s well-known forum. He explained how the ECG function was only available in the UK for one week and how just during that period it could be of tremendous use to him due to the detection of a cardiac pathology that would later be confirmed by doctors.

In April, Harrison was training in preparation for the Brighton Marathon and suddenly noticed his Apple Watch Series 4 warning him that he was experiencing irregular heartbeat . He tried an ECG test and the result of the test showed possible atrial fibrillation.

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The alarming result obtained by this British man with his Apple Watch urged him to go to the hospital for the purpose of conclusive tests . It should be noted that even Apple itself always recommends this procedure because the watch cannot be considered in any chaos as a medical device. The fact is that once in the Harrison hospital she was able to confirm that, indeed, something was wrong with her heart.

After having confirmed a serious cardiac pathology, Harrison not only had to be forced not to run the Marathon for which he was preparing, but also will have to be open-heart surgery next week (July 3rd).

Thus we see once again how, despite not being a medical device, the Apple Watch can be decisive in the detection of heart disease . Obviously we hope that Phil Harrison will be able to obtain a good result in this complicated operation he has to undergo and soon he will be able to run marathons again with his Apple Watch on his wrist.

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