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Apple wasn’t lying to us when it claimed that the iPad was “cheap”

Is the iPad cheap? Affirming or denying such a phrase is quite complicated, on what basis do we claim it is cheap or claim it is expensive? Perhaps its usefulness at this point is more important than it seems, something very useful but with a high price it can be cheap in the long run.

However, Apple has tried to convince us time and again that one of the best features of the iPad is its price . They commented on it at the team’s presentation and it was one of the pillars of the team’s introduction video: cheap, cheap and cheap.

Apple wasn’t lying to us when it claimed that the iPad was “cheap”Apple wasn’t lying to us when it claimed that the iPad was “cheap”

Of course, Apple was playing with a good advantage at that time, it was the only similar device on the market so it was easy to say that it was cheap if you could not compare it to anything similar. But over the months some competitors have started to come along that resemble Apple’s idea, how much do they cost? Well, curiously enough, they’re all more expensive than the iPad.

A device may be cheap for the market but not necessarily affordable and that is exactly the definition of the iPad today. It is a device with a lower price than the rest of the competitors, cheap, but not for that reason it is affordable to everyone since it enters, by price, in direct competition with some laptops.

We currently have two main competitors:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab. It’s by concept and design the closest thing there is to the iPad. It has similar ideas and makes use of Android, among its features we can highlight its 3G connectivity of all devices (it can also be used as a phone). Its price starts from 739.99 for the 16Gb model.
  • HP Slate 500. Although HP showed it to us (and even joked) as a worthy rival of the iPad, the truth is that the HP Slate is more a “touch” laptop than a tablet like Samsung’s and Apple’s. It is a laptop with internal structure (Intel processing, GMA graphics…) and with Windows 7. Its price starts from 800 dollars (only sold in USA).

Well, it seems that suddenly the 488 euros that the basic model of the iPad costs sounds much more attractive than we thought at first.

Although to be a little more neutral we should talk about the 588 euro 16Gb model but with 3G, since the Samsung Galaxy Tab (the most similar by design and performance) includes in any of its models the mentioned technology. Again, the difference is almost 200 euros, which makes the iPad more interesting.

From this point on we no longer talk about whether the iPad is affordable or not, logically not everyone can afford to spend almost 500 euros on a device they don’t need or can’t take advantage of, we talk about the fact that the iPad really has an interesting price within the market .

A few months ago to say that was falling into the Apple marketing game, that a company that pretends to make money tells you that their equipment is the cheapest in the market is not very indicative. But we really have to agree with Apple, we now have some rivals who confirm Apple’s claims a few months ago.

The question is, do you think it’s cheap for what it does? Let’s just say his limitations are his own problem. It’s a device focused on a very specific use, or rather, an Apple-guided use. Anything that goes outside the limits can no longer be done and that’s really its barrier.

Many people think that £500 for a laptop is very little and for an iPad a lot for a simple reason, on the iPad they can only do what Apple has designed it for while on the laptop they can simply do what they want at any given time.