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Apple was Hugely Reservada with Steve Jobs at Mando

The Apple of 2015 has little or nothing to do with the company of that time, neither better nor worse, is different . Steve Jobs’ Apple was more airtight, with more secrecy, while today’s with Tim Cook at the helm is much more open to everyone and more “friendly”. Let’s tell you some curiosities about the Apple of yesteryear, when Jobs was in charge, join us.

Comparing Steve Jobs’ Apple and Tim Cook’s Apple

Before we get into the details of how he ran some aspects of the apple company’s Jobs, let’s see how things are now. We’re not saying that the Apple of today is better or worse than before, but it’s certainly very different.

Apple was Hugely Reservada with Steve Jobs at Mando
Apple was Hugely Reservada with Steve Jobs at Mando

Steve took the company to the top and Tim Cook has followed the path by growing the company to what it is today , with a market capitalization that is above 720 billion dollars, which is said to be soon. On the other hand, sometimes we forget how closed Jobs’ Apple was, with a great amount of secrets almost impossible to filter and with great demands every time some information was leaked in some way. We’re going to tell you a story that perfectly illustrates what the Apple was like back then.

The Secrets of Steve Jobs’ Apple

Today we know almost everything about Apple’s products before their launch or even before they are released on stage . Virtually every day there are leaks of information, with hundreds of rumors about new products, as is now the case with iPhone 6s and as has happened with many others before, which in the end turn out to be true.

But before the debut of the original iPad in 2010, virtually nothing was known about the company’s new products . Yes, we may have known that the company was working on a tablet, but no one outside the company had seen it and most of its details were a mystery. It even got to the point that some of the people working in the company didn’t even know the product was in development, due to the sick secrecy of Apple at the time.

According to an Apple ex-worker named “Brad”, he recently told us that he had been working on the iPad screen, but even though he was on the team responsible for the development, he had no idea that he was working on the development of the new 9.7-inch tablet .

According to the ex-worker it was difficult to know what they were working on together, because the different teams of the same development were as if they were closed in silos and separated from the rest. This is just one example of what Steve Jobs’ Apple looked like and how the apple company has changed since then. We’ve learned this funny story thanks to BGR.

We’ll leave you with the latest trailer for Danny Boyle’s new Steve Jobs movie. Will it tell you anything about what we talked about in this article in the movie?

So do you get Steve Jobs’ or Tim Cook’s?

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