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Apple warns its employees: any leak will have consequences


The company has reminded everyone that leaking secret information about what goes on inside their offices not only leads to losing your job, but also makes it ” extremely difficult to find work elsewhere “.

Apple warns its employees: any leak will have consequences
Apple warns its employees: any leak will have consequences

As evidence, the note reports that Apple has discovered 29 people who were leaking confidential information. And of those 29 people, 12 have been arrested. It also warns that these people are being discovered more and more quickly, and warns that many members of the press are trying to get information out of employees by communicating through social networks.

The letter talks about a few specific cases: the employee who leaked the Golden Master version of iOS 11 was hunted down. Another employee who leaked Apple’s internal meeting about how the company’s software would evolve from now on, hunted. Employees who leaked details about the iPhone X, the iPad Pro and the AirPods – hunted. And in the latter case, Apple directly mentions that all of that was leaked specifically to the 9to5Mac website.

The notice is also addressed to the employees of the suppliers that work for Apple, companies from which many information leaks to Asian media also occur. Apple reports that it is working closely with these vendors to locate information leakers and increase security measures. These employees are also fired after being discovered.

In short, Apple is taking increasingly hard steps to preserve the secrecy that always surrounds the company. And it hasn’t been easy for months, so employees can now take notice: the person who warns is not a traitor. And for the moment there is more work to be done, because we know about this internal note precisely because someone has leaked it.

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