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Apple warns about unofficial repairs, is the warranty at risk?

HomeTechnology NewsApple warns about unofficial repairs, is the warranty at risk? By Eva Rodríguez de Luis – Apr 25, 2018ShareFacebookTwitter

Last night, Apple released the iOS 11.3.1 patch, a security update aimed at solving a problem that had been happening to some iPhone 8 Plus users who had replaced their screen in an unofficial technical service.

Apple warns about unofficial repairs, is the warranty at risk?
Apple warns about unofficial repairs, is the warranty at risk?

When this happened, we wondered if it was a bug in Apple’s software or if on the contrary, it was an intentional practice for users to go to Apple’s official support, a place certified by Cupertino to carry out repairs with official components.

This was not the first time this happened , although with the iPhone 7 it had already been reported that the Home button lost functions such as the Touch ID when it was changed by a third party.

It is relatively common for Apple to release these security updates sooner rather than later as soon as a serious bug or issue is detected that affects its users, but this time a message from Apple has put us on alert.

Does Apple force you to repair your devices on official SAT?

In the information screen of the update, it is expressly read:

It is not that Apple expressly prohibits unofficial SAT, but that makes such a clear and express recommendation against it . However, if we take an Apple device to a third party for repair, do we lose the warranty?

Because logically all those users who have experienced problems with the iPhone 8 screen replaced by a support not certified by Apple are within the warranty , although the iPhone 8 was introduced last September 2017.

Does repairing a device by an unofficial SAT void the warranty of an Apple device?

To answer the question, we went to OCU, the consumer organization to resolve the doubt for the case of Spain, where we are covered by European legislation . Do we lose the warranty when making a repair in an unofficial SAT?

In short: Apple usually integrates chips in certain components to make it difficult for third parties to replace them, so be very careful with repairs made by an unofficial SAT , because if they don’t make the replacement properly and we experience problems as is the case, we will have problems.

This time Apple has released a patch that fixes it, but also has released a warning to web surfers . It might be harder next time.

In the extreme case of the famous youtuber , not only did it lose its warranty, but Apple also exercised its right to refuse to repair its iMac.

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