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Apple wants you to spend time in their stores even if you don’t buy anything

The Apple Store has become a place that goes far beyond simply buying devices. Yes, we know that Apple has a great team of professionals who will answer any questions you may have , but in recent years Apple is promoting its Apple Store as a place to meet and learn.

It’s been a year since all of us have “Today at Apple” available, a kind of master class or workshop that will teach you how to get the most out of any of your Apple devices whether it’s an iPhone, an iPad or a Mac. These types of sessions are completely free and Apple has just expanded them with 50 new sessions.

Apple wants you to spend time in their stores even if you don’t buy anything
Apple wants you to spend time in their stores even if you don’t buy anything

Apple’s goal with this kind of classes is quite clear, of course they want you to improve your experience and to express all the possibilities of your devices, but they also get a loyalty that no other company can achieve .

If you’ve been to an Apple Retail Store, you’ve probably noticed, the staff strive to make your visit as enjoyable as possible and won’t shy away from any questions about the devices. Apple’s plan seems to be working as they announced a renewal of the Today at Apple sessions with some new features today.

With this type of session users can not only get to know the devices they have already bought, but also the rest in the shop . It’s possible that a young user only has one iPhone, however if you can get him to become a loyal user maybe when he expands his range of devices he will choose Apple.

All of these improvements are aimed at giving store visitors an unbeatable experience that will make them want to buy more Apple products . It doesn’t matter if they don’t do it at that moment, the important thing is that the customers are loyal.

In addition to this, Apple has commented that they are making an effort to further enrich our experience in the Apple Stores and therefore are carrying out a process of renovation of their stores , a process that has already begun in Spain.

Among these improvements is the arrival of the forum, an area of the store with a large screen and seating , which serves as a meeting place for the community and home of “Today at Apple”. Some stores will also add avenues and trees integrated with the rest of the store.

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