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Apple wants to standardize on an (even) smaller SIM card


And that doesn’t seem to be enough for Apple , which has proposed a new standard for even smaller SIM cards than those it currently uses.

Apple wants to standardize on an (even) smaller SIM card
Apple wants to standardize on an (even) smaller SIM card

This card has been designed with the collaboration of a group of mobile operators, including Orange. The objective is that thanks to this smaller card, thinner devices can be created than the current ones. It seems incredible, but a MicroSIM card can be a challenge when designing the motherboard of a device as powerful and compact as the iPhone.

This news reminds me of another one published at the end of last October, where it was suggested that Apple was planning to integrate (and therefore lock) the SIM card inside the phone. This resulted in more control by Apple over the iPhone, which operators must not have liked at all considering the little control they have compared to other handsets. This smaller SIM card may mean that operators have pushed too hard and that Apple has had to accept a separate SIM while proposing a smaller standard.

According to Reuters, this new type of SIM card could see the light of day in the coming year with future iPhone and iPad models. Now the conundrum is: if the card is smaller than the current MicroSIM… how can we not lose it? Some, like our reader Otto, are already wondering.


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