Apple Wants to Make the iPad Even Better with Smart Cover

A new Apple patent reveals that it would be interested in improving the iPad experience , thanks to the help and improved use of future versions of the Smart Cover, an accessory developed specifically for the iPad and iPad Mini.

This new patent comes under the title of “Input Modes of Devices with Corresponding User Interface” and was published yesterday in the United States Patent Office.

Apple Wants to Make the iPad Even Better with Smart Cover
Apple Wants to Make the iPad Even Better with Smart Cover

This new patent application describes new features that will be available to users of the Smart Cover protective sleeves in the future , which could provide a better experience with the Apple sleeve without the need to use physical buttons to perform these functions.

The patent describes new ways for the iPad to recognize new gestures with the Smart Cover and thus offer context-sensitive menus depending on how the case covers the iPad screen.

“The ease of use of the device can be increased by allowing access to certain resources or features, without the user having to unlock the device. It can be read in the patent .

For example, by partially opening the protective sleeve at one end, as seen in the image above, it could be recognized by the iPad and display controls that would give us the ability to adjust the brightness, change the volume of the device, or select a song that is currently playing on the device.

Another clear example of this new utility would be when receiving a new email. By lifting the Smart Cover halfway, as shown in the image above, it would reveal the mail application and adjust to the screen ratio that would be visible, so that we can read the mail without having to unlock the device or lifting the cover completely. This would also mean new development in the applications, as they would have to be adjusted to the new screen size that would be available.

We could also play a video on the iPad and then by covering part of the screen with the Smart Cover, we could fit that video to the uncovered part of the screen. We can think of many utilities for these new cases, but to implement more smart features in these future Smart Covers, Apple could make use of more magnetic sensors that would come integrated, ambient light sensors and even the integrated iSight camera on its tablets.

Recently we have seen more patents, such as the one filed by Apple last week, a patent for the creation of a self-repairing material that would be able to remove surface scratches from devices.

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As we told you a few days ago, these patents are not revealing, that is, Apple sometimes proposes patents that only serve to compete against competing ideas. Although in this case we think it is very feasible to launch new and improved Smart Covers, with new features. We have learned about this new patent thanks to iPhone Hacks.

What do you think of these new Smart Covers? Do you find the new possibilities presented by this Apple patent useful? You can leave your impressions in the comments, you know we like to know your opinion.

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