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Apple wants to launch its mobile wallet this fall

¿Puede Apple resolver el rompecabezas de los pagos con el móvil?

“Several people,” The Information has learned, are aware of the negotiations Apple is having with the credit card industry . These appear to have accelerated recently, in anticipation of plans to launch a proprietary payment system this fall. This system, as already mentioned in the rumours, would allow users to pay by iPhone.

Apple wants to launch its mobile wallet this fall
Apple wants to launch its mobile wallet this fall

The most delicate part of the negotiations is, as always, the sensitivity of our data: this would have to be copied into an application that would act as a wallet and under the protection of a ” new security element ” by hardware (raise your hand if you have also thought of TouchID), without any operator being able to interfere. For the moment, the company VISA would be ready to get on the trolley.

VISA would have already agreed to integrate its cards with Apple’s payment system

Jennifer Bailey, who was responsible for the Apple Store website before that position was merged with that of vice president of Apple Retail (now held by Angela Ahrendts), is reportedly taking over the project with the help of former credit card company executives and engineers who have been on iTunes development teams.

Finally, it is also said that the payment system would work through short-range communications aided by WiFi and Bluetooth networks , instead of the NFC system that competitors have long been using. And of course, the platform that would be used to manage payments would be iTunes to take advantage of its community of users. It all fits, in short, that the iPhone 6 is going to be accompanied by more services than we expect.

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