Apple Wants to Boost iPhone Sales at Apple Stores

As far as the media is aware, Tim Cook has been holding a secret meeting with the company’s top sales managers, along with some of the most visible faces of the apple. In this meeting, a fundamental issue was discussed: equalizing the difference between the percentage of customers who go to Apple stores to have their iPhone repaired and those who go to buy it.

This move could encourage more people to use Apple’s official stores to buy its products, since according to published data, only one-fifth of all iPhones are sold on Apple Stores. Measures such as the “Back to School” promotion can help, but Tim Cook wants to go even further.

Tim Cook sees the iPhone as the main gateway to all other Apple products

Apple Wants to Boost iPhone Sales at Apple Stores
Apple Wants to Boost iPhone Sales at Apple Stores

The meeting is said to have taken place at Fort Mason in San Francisco and has been broadcast live to Apple Retail leaders around the world. Another focus was on improving employee satisfaction to make visiting an Apple store a friendly and personal experience.

It has also been commented that morale has been declining in some stores due to the ” drought ” of products so far this year. It could also have affected the lack of a visible head to run the entire Retail division as John Browett was.

It seems that the new products that will arrive to the stores this autumn were revealed, among them a new model of iPhone, new iPad, the new Mac Pro and the recently presented iOS 7 and OS X. Nothing has been mentioned about the supposedly low-cost iPhone, iWatch or similar, but the rumors are still there.

Returning to the main theme, much of the meeting focused on the iPhone and possible measures to boost sales at the Apple Store. Cook stated that the iPhone is ” the main gateway to other Apple devices such as iPads and Macs “.

We all know Apple’s obsession with controlling all the details surrounding the user experience and the time to purchase a new product from the company is a key moment. Cook wants to reinforce this experience so that people visit Apple stores more often and buy more successfully.

Cook believes that if new customers buy their first Apple product (probably an iPhone) in one of his stores, the great shopping experience will make the next time they go to buy another product they will do so in an Apple Store .

As we have read in Macnn, Apple stores are known as ” the company’s sanctuaries ” and the experience offered in them should be in line with what is expected from a brand like Apple. We will have to see if there are any major changes coming in the Apple Stores.

And you, have you bought all your Apple products in one of their stores? What is your experience with them? Tell us in the comments.

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