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Apple Wants Swiss Watch Employees to Work on iWatch

Apple would have made job offers to employees of large watch companies

No one would be surprised if it were said that Apple always wants the best when it goes to work on one of its products. This is completely normal, since in all the devices that the brand of the bitten apple makes, it wants the best to be in the process.

Following this philosophy, iWatch has also wanted the best to be there when building the future. And what better watchmaking professionals than the workers who are in the factories of the best Swiss brands , who have the reputation of making the best watches in the world.

Apple Wants Swiss Watch Employees to Work on iWatchApple Wants Swiss Watch Employees to Work on iWatch

It has been reported that Cupertino’s people have made offers to workers from several prestigious Swiss watch brands to join the team that will manufacture the iWatch. But this job offer would not require travel, since it would be possible to work from the country of the Alps.

A smart watch with the name “made in Switzerland”

The reason the Cupertino people have been trying to recruit workers from various watch brands is that they want their iWatch to be able to have the designation “made in Switzerland” , and thus give it even more value.

According to the CEO of one of these luxury watch brands, Hubort, Jean-Claude Biver, Apple has been offering jobs to its employees and to employees of other brands, and they have refused the offer of the Californian company .

Apple’s interest goes beyond hiring highly skilled employees to manufacture watches. What it really wants is to be able to add to its watch the name given by the government to the products manufactured there . In this way Apple would like to give an added value to its smart watch that no other watch on the market has.

A possible more expensive iPhone made of gold

Another thing that the CEO of Hubort has pointed out is that the company of the apple has made them an offer for a material that they use in the manufacture of some of their watches: the Magic Gold .

This compound is only used by this brand and is a gold alloy with other materials, which makes it a stronger and harder material . It seems that Apple would like to include it in the manufacture of some exclusive iPhones.

But in response to this offer, Apple has also received another no from the Swiss watch company, as we can read in iPhone Hacks.

Will we really see a “Swiss made” iWatch? Will Apple really venture to release a luxury version of the iPhone with “magic gold” finish ?