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Apple wants its own music recommendation engine so as not to depend on Shazam

¿Pagas por Spotify o Rdio? Pues ahora Shazam te deja escuchar canciones enteras en iOS

One of the new features of iOS 8 was the integration of Siri with Shazam , so that you can ask the voice assistant directly for the title of the song that is playing, so you don’t have to open applications for it. The system works quite well, but it seems that Cupertino wants to improve it.

Apple wants its own music recommendation engine so as not to depend on ShazamApple wants its own music recommendation engine so as not to depend on Shazam

How, by stopping depending on Shazam and creating their own song recognition engine , as described by a patent that the guys at Patently Apple have reflected. In it we see all the necessary schemes that describe how to determine the name of a song from how it sounds.

Failed experiment or alternative plan to Shazam?

The patent has been recently discovered, but it was sent in May 2014. From this we can shuffle several hypotheses : maybe Apple tried to create this engine but preferred to save the work and ally with Shazam, or maybe this alliance is just the intermediate step before we see this Apple’s own engine in our systems. Or maybe it is the simplest thing : this describes a system that finally has not decided to become a reality for whatever reason. Since it’s a patent, we’ll never know this for sure.

Why be interested in this engine of theirs, anyway? Because, as you can see with Shazam’s plans, it is not just a matter of providing the data requested by the user. It’s about knowing that that particular user has requested the title of that particular song .

That information is very valuable, and in Shazam they have learned it well . Its application has gone from being a simple identifier to being a kind of social network that shows the trends of what people have identified most, as well as personalized recommendations for each person based on what they have shazameado .

Imagine, for example, Apple taking advantage of that information for Apple Music . Yes, this is something you can do without problems by negotiating a deal with Shazam, but we already know how Apple likes to have complete control over this kind of thing. It would improve the streaming service engine, and add one more feature to the service.

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