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Apple Wants Greater Integration Between Siri and Apple Music

Apple Music stands out from other competing services that can be used on iOS devices, among other things, because of its integration with Siri. Siri is already expected to be much smarter in iOS 9, but Apple wants to go one step further and would be looking for further integration with Apple Music , its new streaming music service.

Apple Music currently has 11 million users, which is not bad considering that it is about to complete its second month of life. Among other things, today you can ask Siri to play you a specific album and in a few seconds your iPhone or iPad will be playing without having to open Apple Music yourself.

Apple Wants Greater Integration Between Siri and Apple Music
Apple Wants Greater Integration Between Siri and Apple Music

As far as we know, Apple has published a new job offer through its website to look for a new software engineer for Siri . His mission would be to improve the virtual assistant and its integration with Apple Music, which is currently quite limited.

Apple seeks to enhance Siri’s features for controlling Apple Music

Admittedly, the iOS Virtual Voice Assistant has improved tremendously since it first came out. Now you can ask him to identify a song, ask him about the results of a game, check the movie listings, and even control some Apple Music features. However, since Cupertino believe they can get much more out of the integration of Siri with Apple Music and so they would be looking for a new engineer to take care of it.

However, don’t get your hopes up, because you probably won’t see anything new in the integration of Siri and Apple Music in the first version iOS 9 , but you should wait at least until summer of next year. Because these things take time, as the company will not make anything available to users if they are not sure it works perfectly.

As of today it is not possible to ask Siri to play songs based on user votes, seniority or the greatest hits of a particular artist , among many other things. But who knows if in a few months Apple will surprise us and include novelties like these to be able to ask for things like this with the voice of Apple Music through Siri.

Apple continues to work on improving Apple Music

Apple’s streaming music service has only been running for a month and the company still has a lot of work to do . What’s more, there are many who think that to this day Apple Music is still an unfinished product, as it still lacks features to launch and many others to improve.

Thanks to AppleInsider, we have learned that Apple is looking for a new engineer for Siri to improve its integration with Apple Music. Now we only have to wait to see the first results.

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