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Apple wants another R&D center, this time in Yokohama

Apple alquila todavía más oficinas cerca de su nuevo Campus 2 en Cupertino

You can tell that Apple doesn’t want to miss out on these good economic times they have. The Japanese media NHK informs (via 9to5Mac) that, after the opening of a complex in Israel, Cupertino’s company has plans to build another Research and Development center in the city of Yokohama (very close to Tokyo).

Apple wants another R&D center, this time in Yokohama
Apple wants another R&D center, this time in Yokohama

The surface of that center will be of 25.000 square meters , and as you can see in the rendering of the upper image it will have four generous floors covered with a wavy glass. It will be able to employ hundreds of people, especially talented people who want to get into Apple but don’t want to have to move to the United States to do so.

There will be trees planted on the roof of the building

The roof of the building, completely flat, will be used to plant trees . Recycled water will be used, all the equipment will be low consumption and the energy consumed will be clean. After seeing all the effort Apple is making to respect the environment, these types of measures no longer come as a surprise but are still very welcome.

As to exactly what is going to be done in that complex, there is no data. It is known that in Israel they work on chip engineering, or that in the Boston offices there is Siri’s team of engineers. The only thing we can say is that these will be important tasks, since Apple reserves the right to further expand the size of that complex in the future.

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