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Apple updates the Siri and Scorsese ad to polish up small details

Not many days ago Jonathan Ive told us that Apple was looking to make good products, not money. I would dare to change ‘good’ for ‘perfect’ and extend this concept to all areas of the company. No one pampers the product and the way it reaches the consumer more than Cupertino’s company. Proof of this is Siri’s latest announcement with Scorsese, which has been updated on the company’s YouTube channel after details have been polished up that would go unnoticed by any of the mortals. Come in and find out how much perfectionism Apple has become almost sickly.

A lesson passed on from father to son and from son to grandson, from Paul to Steve and from Steve to Apple. Perfectionism is the reason that leads the company to surpass itself day by day . Love of detail to obsessive levels. That’s Apple and one of the many reasons that have led it to be where it is. There are countless examples, among which I would highlight without a doubt the stories that give rise to the icons that dress up its applications. Many of you will think that simple and absurd details, others think that they are things that really make a difference, the result of the fact that behind each product there is a team of people really committed to doing things right.

Apple updates the Siri and Scorsese ad to polish up small details
Apple updates the Siri and Scorsese ad to polish up small details

Today’s topic is about announcements. Doing a little memory you will remember how a little more than two weeks ago we showed you the last of the saga that the company had shot to promote the iPhone 4S and Siri by the hand of celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson, Zooey Deschanel, John Malkovich and Martin Scorsese. It showed the famous film director managing his schedule and consulting the location of an acquaintance and the traffic of Manhattan. An unpolluted ad in the eyes of anyone but the Apple marketing department , which has led them to re-submit it to their YouTube channel , where curious changes can be seen. Let’s play with the differences.

First let’s go to the second 11, when we can visualize Scorsese’s quote. Let’s take both frames and compare them:

If you are meticulous you will notice that the three of the hour of the first clock (original announcement) is not natural , because it is bigger than the rest of the digits and of a more alive target. This editing flaw, impossible to detect in real time and very possibly committed in the task of maintaining the temporality of the sequences that make up the announcement, has been corrected in the new version .

The other difference that we found is much more evident, because it consists of the reissue of the last 3 seconds , where the two sequences that announced the iPhone 4S and the American company AT&T have been combined into one, showing only the advertising corresponding to the smartphone :

In this case, we do not know why this change has taken place, although it will most likely have something to do with the obligation to announce the telephone company outside of television or with the end of the exclusive contract between the two companies, which is supposed to expire this year.

For Apple anything less than an ideal of perfection is unacceptable . That’s the way to go if you want to maintain the status and admiration you have today.before I say goodbye I leave you with both announcements so you can check with your own eyes everything I have told you and who knows if you will find any more difference:

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