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Apple Updates iWork Suite for iOS and MacOS

Apple wants to take its iWork suite very seriously and so today, the Cupertino team has decided to update all iWork applications for both iOS and macOS .

Pages, Numbers and Keynote have received new enhancements for both operating systems to make them easier to use and provide a better user experience for their customers. Although the message released by Apple does not contain much information on the changes offered ” stability and performance improvements “. We’ve already had a chance to try out some interesting new features which we tell you about below.

iWork updates for iOS and macOS

Apple Updates iWork Suite for iOS and MacOS
Apple Updates iWork Suite for iOS and MacOS

At first glance the great novelty of this update comes through Numbers, within the application a new numeric keypad will appear for those iOS users. A pretty important feature for all those people who used to switch between different keyboards when using Numbers spreadsheets.

The numerical keyboard of Numbers will appear when we press the upper button with the numbers “123” located in the zone of the left in our screens.

Once you press that button, the keyboard transforms to give you a more numeric appearance. iOS allows you to use the “standard” number keys instead of activating this keyboard, but I find it quite striking and useful to have the ability to choose the keyboard for the right time, especially when entering numeric values into the Numbers cells.

Not an Apple error, the sidebar is hidden in iWork

This version confirms what we already saw in the previous iWork update. The sidebar, which has all the options of the program, is hidden in a button located at the bottom of our screens . This is particularly appreciated by iOS and users who use iWork on the iPad. It’s a much needed space saver.

Finally, remember that all updates and downloads of iWork software are completely free s from your operating system’s store (App Store or Mac App Store), however please note that these updates are only available to users with iOS 10 and above .