Apple updates its App Developer with features for WWDC 2020

This Thursday Apple surprised us with an update of its App Developer , optimizing it with new features available for the WWDC 2020 online, scheduled for June. As shown by the improvements that are gradually being deployed in several countries, the possibility of watching videos at different playback speeds has been included.

The update, which is available for free on the App Store, also includes accessibility improvements and bug fixes. In addition, there is a section ready to provide detailed information from Apple experts throughout the year, and especially during WWDC with news, photos and videos for developers.

Apple updates its App Developer with features for WWDC 2020
Apple updates its App Developer with features for WWDC 2020

Thanks to this refresh, the App Developer will allow to play videos at different playback speeds . It is possible to watch videos during the WWDC event at a 2x speed if you are trying to find some specific information or to fast-forward if you are in sync with the live events.

We recommend Apple changes the name of the WWDC application to “Apple Developer”, will this be related to the new keynote?

According to the first reviews the Apple Developer also comes updated with a there is support for such useful features as the ability to interact with full video transcripts, as well as to share stories from the “Discover” tab which has a similar behavior to the App Store.

Thus, the new functionalities related to the visualization and the exchange of videos will finally be able to be appreciated in June, during one of the most important events for the company that this year will only be presented in its digital version. This 2020 Apple has decided to hold its 31st developers’ conference, WWDC, entirely online, as never before, but full of content for consumers, press and developers alike.

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