Apple Updates Incoming MacBook Pro and MacBook Air 2018

There were many of us who said that Apple had decided to focus the MacBook Pro on professionals and not on users in general, leaving the iPad Pro as the best alternative for students. But this idea has just changed us completely. After opening the Apple Store for students, we found a pleasant surprise in the MacBook Pro range.

As you know, a few weeks ago Apple upgraded its Macs with the latest processors on the market, but left the incoming MacBook Pro unupgraded. Now they’ve decided to get their hands on it by adding a better processor and new features at a very good price.

Apple Updates Incoming MacBook Pro and MacBook Air 2018
Apple Updates Incoming MacBook Pro and MacBook Air 2018

Working with a Mac is something that at the moment with an iPad we can’t have even if we’re working on it with iPadOS, and this is something that Apple knows about. That’s why, taking advantage of the opening of the Apple Store for university students, they have decided to renew the MacBook Pro and the processors of MacBook Air 2018 that would be focused on these students.

The entry-level MacBook Pro now has an eighth-generation processor as well as the inclusion of Touch Bar and Touch ID, features we only saw on the more expensive company computers. This move has left us with many doubts about the company’s range of computers.

With this renewal of the most basic MacBook Pro without raising the price, the MacBook from 12″ is completely obsolete and it’s silly to buy this Mac with a similarly priced MacBook Pro. This leads us to think that this computer is more than dead and is the reality, since Apple has removed it from the online store, something that was already seen after several years without receiving hardware updates.

The price of this equipment is 1499 euros and if you are a student you can have it at a very interesting discount.

MacBook Air 2018 has also received a major internal overhaul with the addition of the eighth-generation processors, but without touching the butterfly keyboards on any of the models. MacBook Air prices remain unchanged without any renewal.

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