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Apple updates Boot Camp to support Windows 10

If you want to try out the benefits of Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 10, you can now do so safely from your own Mac, using Boot Camp . This Apple tool, as most of you will know (and the clueless one will now find out) allows us to partition our hard drive and install another operating system with a boot manager to switch between the two.

The update to this application is version 6 of the same and is still spreading to all Mac computers that support it , so the Mac App Store may not show it to you yet. However, if you have a partition on your hard drive with Windows installed, it’s more than likely that you’ve already missed the update.

Apple updates Boot Camp to support Windows 10
Apple updates Boot Camp to support Windows 10

Not all Mac computers will support this update . You must first have Yosemite installed on that Mac and it will also not be possible to install Windows 10 on all of them (for example, my 2009 Mac Pro cannot be installed). The full list of Macs that will support Boot Camp 6 and will be able to install Windows 10 is as follows:

  • 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro 2012 and later
  • 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina 2012 and later
  • 11- and 13-inch MacBook Air, starting in 2012
  • 2015 MacBook 12-inch Retina
  • 21- and 27-inch iMacs late 2012 and beyond
  • iMac Retina 5K
  • Mac mini and Mac mini Server 2012 and later
  • 2013 Mac Pro

This update will allow users to use features of the Mac in Windows 10 such as USB-C, USB-3, SD card slots, external keyboards, Thunderbolt or SuperDrive . If you have a legal copy of Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free. If you do not have an ISO or USB copy of Windows 10, you can purchase it for $119.

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