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Apple TV Will Play a Key Role with HomeKit

If you thought that Cupertino’s people had forgotten about Apple TV, since we’ve been without news about a new device in the range for almost three years, everything can change from now on. It seems that the Apple TV is going to play a fundamental role in the HomeKit ecosystem , being a fundamental part of the remote functionality of the home automation system of the company of the apple.

We are aware of this since the last CES 2015, although everything goes back to October 2014, when HomeKit showed its support by appearing the first beta version as software for Apple TV. We tell you more details about it.

Apple TV as a cornerstone of HomeKit technology

Apple TV Will Play a Key Role with HomeKitApple TV Will Play a Key Role with HomeKit

According to an Apple support information document published yesterday , Cupertino’s people have acknowledged that the Apple TV will act as a bridge between devices with HomeKit technology .

For example, to use Siri voice commands to remotely control HomeKit-certified accessories, you must sign in with the same Apple ID on both iOS devices and Apple TV. By logging in to iCloud, Apple TV will be registered as a HomeKit center. All data and accessories you use will be securely stored using CloudKit.

If you don’t have an Apple TV you can get other HomeKit hubs, from other brands dedicated to this same functionality and that can already be purchased, such as those of SmartLinc, which can be purchased for $150, although they are more expensive than the Apple TV.

To use the HomeKit you must have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iOS 8.1 or later and buy one of the HomeKit certified accessories or devices.

The first HomeKit accessories have arrived

A few days ago we informed you that the first compatible accessories would start arriving next week, but it seems that the different brands have anticipated the events and the first HomeKit compatible accessories are already starting to be available. Insteon, iHome, Elgato, Ecobee and Luctron are the first manufacturers that have released their first HomeKit compatible accessories . The first accessories are starting to be advertised on the official websites of the brands, you can even buy them right now if you want.

Insteon has introduced its first device with which you can control other HomeKit devices of the same brand, Lutron has introduced the first smart bulbs and iHome has corresponded with its SmartPlug, a smart connector that allows the user to control any connected device that has HomeKit support.

It seems that Apple TV is once again in the news, both with the fundamental presence it will have with HomeKit technology, and with the possibility of seeing a new Apple TV device in the face of Apple’s keynote next Monday, June 8th in San Francisco. We have known this new information thanks to iDownloadBlog.

How do you feel about Cupertino boosting HomeKit with Apple TV?

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