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Apple TV, more than a hobby for Apple?

Apple seems to be preparing the ground for major changes in the Apple TV . Taking advantage of the closing of the Apple Store for a few hours to prepare the Valentine’s Day campaign, Apple has given the Apple TV a section for itself in the store.

With these changes, the Apple Store adds one more section and is now divided into five: Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod and Apple TV .

Apple TV, more than a hobby for Apple?
Apple TV, more than a hobby for Apple?

Not only does it have a section, but Apple now promotes its own accessories, AppleCare, and a refurbished product section .

Apple has always known how to manage the times very well, and that’s why this “rise” of Apple TV only confirms what we told you last week, and that is that a new version of Apple TV is about to fall , and everything points to see its possibilities expanded with an App Store games.

This new feature of the Apple TV would also explain the standards that Apple imposes on manufacturers to make iOS-compatible remotes , since, not only I would be thinking about these devices but I would have my mind set on this new update.

But Apple is not only thinking about games as a new element of its Apple TV. Throughout the development phase, it has tested different prototypes with various features , from an integrated TV tuner, in the style of the old Google Tv, and has even studied the possibility of combining in the same element an AirPort Express and an Apple TV, although, many of these things are mere tests without a final result.

So if Apple is planning to release a new Apple TV soon, with new features, this move is entirely justified. Moreover, it could be said that the Apple TV is no longer a mere hobby for Apple, as Steve Jobs said.

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