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Apple TV, its current applications and features

The new Apple TV arrives with the intention of offering us a new experience when watching television. Or rather to consume content on it. Because the programming of the usual channels will not be affected. But it will be giving a good alternative to the new generation of consumers.

During the presentation we could see what would allow us to make and watch the new Apple TV . Now we go over them and we look into what it will be able to offer at the application level in the immediate future.

Apple TV, what can we do?

Apple TV, its current applications and features
Apple TV, its current applications and features

The Apple TV is a set top box and its main task is to play content. So if you put that player idea together with Apple it’s clear everything, you’ll have access to the iTunes Store and catalogue of series and movies. The same one you see on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or earlier Apple TV.

Siri, if it has improved and is as effective as in the videos it would be one of the keys to success

The difference is that now, thanks to tvOS and the integration of Siri, we can access something that other manufacturers and streaming services have been working with for some time: content recommendation. If it works with the agility of the videos we can say that it will be one of the keys to success. If it doesn’t, we still think that voice control on TV is a waste of time.

Interesting is the automatic backspace function when someone says “what did he say?” In addition to the thumbnail to find the desired sequence

Recommendation and discovery of content is vital. Having a large catalogue has the problem that you cannot find what you are looking for, that interesting titles are hidden, etc. So Siri will help us when we ask you to show us content from some actor, a certain type of genre or the most popular among other types of cured content. A feature that explains the interest in improving Apple’s learning of machines.

Of course, having access to the iTunes Store catalog isn’t always interesting for everyone. Netflix, HBO, Hulu, MTV, NFL, etc. are very attractive ingredients for the consumer. Especially for the one in the United States because he will be the one who has the certainty of enjoying an Apple TV at 100% of how it was intended. In the rest of the countries, including Spain, we will have to wait and see what channels we have on offer, etc. When Netflix arrives in Spain and with the current Wuaki, Filmin, etc., things will no longer be the same, but they will certainly never be the same.

One of the big doubts is to see what limitations in content issues we will have outside the United States

Therefore, outside the United States applications will be the key . Yes, those apps that give access to local content, games, social networks, etc. The second most interesting point of the Apple TV is for me the first one.

That the new top box set from Apple allows you to install applications is the best and something that many of us have been waiting for a long time. Of course, as we have mentioned, currently tvOS is limited to applications that do not occupy more than 200MB . This creates a problem for the development of certain types of applications, especially games, but it can be a measure to control that initial deployment of applications by Apple.

If so, only those who start using features such as download on demand will be able to do something more interesting in the games theme. Apple TV

The arrival of apps on Apple TV opens a new business opportunity for Apple

In spite of everything, I have no doubt that it will be something temporary, although that is what it is for now. I bet that they will expand that minimum capacity because there is a big business behind the distribution of apps. So seeing the success and how much they are getting in with iPhone and iPad they will not let the opportunity go. But let’s stick with what the new device still allows.

If you check the documentation for creating applications for Apple TV nothing indicates that apps like Plex (already available for iOS), players like Air Video HD and a large number of other multimedia applications cannot be in the top box set . So you can rest assured that you will be able to load content from a NAS or disk share on the local network. Isn’t that what you want?

Okay, you probably won’t have the option to plug in a USB drive, but is that really necessary? Some of you may say yes, but if you don’t do it with your smartphone, why would you want something like this now? Because the difference here would be that instead of using a screen around 5 inches now we would see everything on a 40.

In short, the Apple TV allows us:

  • Access to iTunes Store content (movies and series)
  • Access to the Apple Music catalogue
  • Access to Photos
  • Access to the new app catalogue for Apple TV
  • New Siri Remote with which you can control the device via gestures on your Touchpad
  • Voice control
  • Recommendation of contents, lists, filters according to genre, actor, etc.

Technical specifications Apple TV

The technical specifications of the Apple TV are:

  • A8 64-bit processor (currently used in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus)
  • 32GB and 64GB storage capacities
  • 2GB RAM
  • ethernet 10100 Mbps connection (main default if you don’t have an ac wifi router)
  • Maximum resolution 1080p
  • HDMI connection (SPDIFOPS output is removed)
  • Siri Remote (also compatible with Apple TV Remote)
  • Compatible with MFi controls

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