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Apple TV is among the preferred devices for watching 4K video

Apple podría lanzar un Apple TV de bajo coste para impulsar su nueva suscripción

Ahora, Apple también está barajando de aumentar incluso más sus ventas con el lanzamiento de un dispositivo en formato stick , similar al Chromecast o al Amazon Fire TV. Este nuevo dispositivo podría ayudarles a alcanzar a aquellos que no se plantean gastar 200 euros en un dispositivo así, pero es probable que no ofrezca la misma calidad que el Apple TV 4K.

Apple TV is among the preferred devices for watching 4K video
Apple TV is among the preferred devices for watching 4K video

With the arrival of Christmas, many are thinking of renewing some of their equipment and one of the most common whims is that of television. Our beloved window to the world keeps trying to keep up with innovations, and every year we have some new reason to change our house . Right now, two of those great reasons are HDR and Ultra HD, which are increasingly present in the market, leaving Full HD televisions as something anecdotal within the lines.

To take advantage of these televisions, many times you simply need to use the applications that usually come pre-installed. However, no single Smart TV can match Apple TV 4K, which is one of the few devices capable of offering support for Ultra HD, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos in a content library as diverse as iTunes. That’s precisely why Apple TV has become one of the great shopping options this Christmas.

With the increasing penetration of 4K televisions in the market, the Apple TV 4K has managed to place itself among the best selling Set-Top Boxes . Something that Apple is great at, not only because of the benefits they can have with each sale, but also because it will help them have a great launch of their video streaming service next year. All Apple device users could have free access to the company’s original content, which will be a great incentive.

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