Apple TV+ first prize won thanks to Billy Crudup

With only a few months to live and without the critics helping too much, Apple TV+ has already taken some important award nominations and even won some. In particular Billy Crudup has been awarded the prize for best supporting actor in a drama series thanks to his role in The Morning Show playing Cory Ellison.

Although in the Critics Choice Awards Apple TV+ only got one nomination the truth is that it was a success as it became the first prize of the platform . Billy Crudup has surpassed many other relevant actors such as Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones or Asia Kate Dillon from Billions.

Apple TV+ first prize won thanks to Billy Crudup
Apple TV+ first prize won thanks to Billy Crudup

The Morning Show has been heavily criticized by industry experts in addition to many other original Apple TV+ series. But now these criticisms are becoming evident because this series has earned 3 Golden Globe nominations and now a major award. No doubt it is becoming increasingly clear that these critics did not evaluate the content of the series but who was behind financing it. This is obviously not at all objective and in the end the quality of production and script of The Morning Show has prevailed, leaving many of us with our mouths open in its first season.

It’s amazing that in the first year of Apple TV+’s life it has already garnered several major award nominations and even won some of these as we’re talking about. Although the platform in general is criticized for not having a wide range of content, in the end quality prevails over quantity . It’s true that there are few series and movies on the platform right now, but the quality of those that are released is very high.

In the future we are convinced that there will be much more quality content and we will see Apple at several major award shows. This is the company’s goal to be seen by the public and to be able to win a place in the sector.

After the end of the first season of The Morning Show, fans are already looking forward to the second season which is currently in the process of recording and production. We hope that by the end of this year or the beginning of 2021 it will see the light of day and be eligible for many more awards.

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