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Apple tunes in the mea culpa and offers battery changes for $29

Apple has just released a statement intoning the mea culpa for the slowed down iPhone issue and offers compensation for changing the battery of affected iPhones even out of warranty.

The news of the slowed down iPhone is hitting Apple hard, where they are accused of hiding information and forcing customers to renew their handsets due to programmed obsolescence.

Apple tunes in the mea culpa and offers battery changes for $29Apple tunes in the mea culpa and offers battery changes for $29

Several complaints around the world , put Apple on the ropes in recent weeks by having unethical practices, especially when they themselves confirmed it through a statement. Apple, for its part, claims that its purpose was not to deceive customers and that they are trying to extend the life of their devices as much as possible.

Earlier this year, Apple will release a new update to its iOS operating system, which will show more user-friendly information. In addition, also from the beginning of next year until the end of 2018 , they will offer a battery change for $29 for all users with an iPhone 6 or higher.

On the other hand, they also defend themselves from the problem of the lithium ion batteries that offer a certain wear with some uses and high temperatures. They insist that the company will continue to work on better energy management.

Apple wants to regain users’ trust . They insist that they are doing their best to extend the life of their devices and that they are proud that the brand’s products are recognised for their durability and for maintaining their value over a longer period than their competitors.

They appreciate the confidence of the clients , where they will continue to strive to maintain it, and in the case where they have lost it, to regain it again. A gesture that is to be welcomed, but that comes at a time when clients who had felt cheated have been very badly off.

Apple reports that iOS 10.2.1 has incorporated new power management features to prevent unexpected power outages and restarts due to a worn battery . In the UK, we have no news yet from Apple to contrast the official price for battery repair.

What do you think of this letter of apology from Apple? Do you think the changes should be free?