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Apple tries to get closer to advanced users with OS X 10.9

In a few weeks we will be able to enjoy Apple’s recently announced WWDC. Until that time, speculation and rumors will grow exponentially. For now, we bring you some news that may appear in the next desktop operating system of the company of the bitten apple: OS X 10.9. Are you going to miss them?

Apple’s WWDC has just been announced and news and speculations about what will be presented at this event have already begun. And it’s logical, the world of Apple, as I always say, feeds on this news and rumors that, let’s admit it, we all like , because we have all speculated at some point about what we would like to see from the bitten apple.

Apple tries to get closer to advanced users with OS X 10.9
Apple tries to get closer to advanced users with OS X 10.9

This time we are not going to talk about iOS (at least not directly) but about the next cat of the Cupertino’s , or at least we hope so. OS X 10.9 will bring a lot of new features , many of them directed to the most advanced users, something that professionals have been demanding for a long time. More iOS features will also be added, which will attract more users to this platform.

Some of the new features that will be included, as counted in 9to5Mac, are important improvements in the Finder , such as tags or tabbed navigation. This feature has been very much in demand by advanced users , who have had to look for these features in third party applications, as Apple has never “deigned” to listen to them. Another new feature that will be included in OS X 10.9 will be a new Safari , which will include a redesigned engine to improve page load times as well as rendering speed.

One thing that many advanced users are looking forward to, and which it seems they will be able to have in the next operating system, is an improvement in working with different monitors . As we know, currently working with several monitors in Mountain Lion becomes unbearable. So much so that many “machinists” end up leaving this function behind. It seems that OS X 10.9 will solve many of these problems, including the ability to open a full screen application on a secondary monitor .

It seems that Apple is also working on a new multitasking system , similar to the one we have in iOS, that is, to leave the applications paused in the background, giving all the computer resources to the application that is in the foreground. This can be interesting, as long as you have the option, as in iOS, of selecting which applications are paused and which ones continue to work. We’ll see what Apple engineers do with this option.

Another novelty that seems to be included in the next OS X, will be SIRI, our “dear” personal assistant . It’s not yet known if it will be included completely in all Macs or only in the latest generation ones, although knowing what it has done lately, I see that the hackers are going to have to work again to bring all the features of SIRI to all Macs. I really hope I’m wrong about this.

All these new features will be accompanied, of course, by some changes to the user interface , but if you follow the pattern of the latest operating systems, these changes will not be too drastic, which I’m a little happy about, because I’m already very used to the Mountain Lion interface.

The previous Apple OS was sold in the summer, so it would be logical to follow the same trend this year . Although seeing the delay that has had in announcing the WWDC it is possible that it will be delayed a little, especially considering that, according to some rumors, it has diverted some OS X engineers to work on iOS 7, which could further slow down the release of the desired next operating system.

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