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Apple to update iOS in China to address issues with Qualcomm

The war between Qualcomm and Apple is in full swing this week because of the alleged patent infringement of Cupertino’s. Both companies have been making headlines in recent days.

Apple’s latest statement to Reuters reports that it will release an iOS software update next week to address any potential patent infringement. With this move they will try to prevent Chinese justice from vetoing the import and export of their latest iPhone.

Apple to update iOS in China to address issues with Qualcomm
Apple to update iOS in China to address issues with Qualcomm

The British news agency Reuters this morning issued a statement from Apple in which the Californian company reported on a software update that it will release in China next week in order to resolve the dispute over Qualcomm patents on the affected devices.

“Based on the iPhone models we offer today in China, we believe that we deliver. Early next week we will release a software update for iPhone users in China that will address the small functionality of the two patents in question in the case”.

Apple will release an iOS 12 update in China next week

We find that there are still details that are unclear in this dispute and that is that Qualcomm claimed that the court order against Apple “would prohibit the import and sale of almost all iPhone models in China” and yet this has happened only with iPhone models already discontinued as the 4 and 4s which is somewhat illogical considering that the two patents Apple would have infringed are related to the iOS 12 versions while the mentioned devices remained with iOS 8 as the latest compatible software version.

As Bloomberg published tonight Apple will make a presentation in China to describe the effects that a ban of the iPhone would have in that country and that is that for the company it would cost “millions of dollars a day” this measure would also harm third parties such as consumers, the Chinese government and suppliers and manufacturers such as Foxconn that feed much of the business they have with Apple.

From La Manzana Mordida we will continue to report in the coming hours and days about this conflict that seems endless and that does not stop occupying space in the main technology blogs worldwide.

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What do you think about this news? Do you think Apple will be able to comply with the court rulings with that iOS 12 update in China? Leave your impressions in the comments.