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Apple to Ship 45 Million iPhone in Second Quarter 2016

If everything goes according to plan, on March 21st Apple will unveil to the world the new iPhone se, a smarpthone with a 4-inch screen that will delight more than one person. Well, referring to the model, an Apple supply chain suggests that 45 million iPhones will be shipped in the June quarter of this year .

If this information is true, the number of iPhone shipments in the next quarter of the year would be much better than many Wall Street investors expected. This would be due, in part, thanks to the new 4-inch model that would be introduced in a few weeks .

Apple to Ship 45 Million iPhone in Second Quarter 2016
Apple to Ship 45 Million iPhone in Second Quarter 2016

Analysts at JP Morgan have tracked Apple’s supply chain and this week issued a note to investors revealing some data on iPhone shipments for the coming months. Below are more details about this note and the iPhone shipments planned for the second quarter of the year.

Initially, the firm expects iPhone sales to drop by up to 15% from the previous quarter. However, they now expect iPhone shipments to reach 45 million units in the quarter from March to June .

Its visits with the supply chain suggest a cumulative rate of 2 million units for the new iPhone with 4-inch screen this quarter , which would represent a growth of $4 million in the June quarter. On the other hand, the firm JP Morgan believes that for the whole of 2016 the iPhone will sell around 15 million units, which is not bad at all.

On the other hand, AppleInsider comments that Tim Cook has said on several occasions that reading data based on the supply chain can lead to wrong conclusions . Furthermore, we should not forget the forecasts that say that iPhone sales will fall for the first time in the first two quarters of 2016.

And it’s pretty hard for the company, because in the first quarter of 2015 they sold 61 million iPhones, while in the June quarter they sold 47.5 million. We will have to see if they are finally able to outdo themselves once again.

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