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Apple to Release iOS 9.3.1 to Fix Safari Bug

A new, mysterious and strange bug has appeared in iOS 9.3. The problem is that Safari and other third-party apps crash when you click on links . This bug is present in the latest iPhone and iPad models, especially on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus . It is rumored to be caused by the 3D Touch feature.

The bug was not detected by the developers and registered users of Apple’s software testing program, even though the company released up to 6 beta versions of iOS 9.3. Luckily, Apple made available the service of @AppleSupport, a new account on Twitter, to report problems.

Apple to Release iOS 9.3.1 to Fix Safari Bug
Apple to Release iOS 9.3.1 to Fix Safari Bug

However, this annoying bug is not only present in iOS 9.3. Some readers report that a similar problem has affected devices running iOS 9.3. Be that as it may, Apple has officially announced that it is aware of the problem and will fix the bug through a software update.

Apple is rushing to launch iOS 9.3.1

The strange thing about this mysterious bug in iOS 9.3 is that uninstalling the applications that could cause this problem does not solve the bug , and the affected devices keep blocking the apps and preventing access to the links.

Apple has officially announced the confirmation of the problem and mentioned that they are looking for a solution.

Apple’s words are clear and concise. Their software engineers are working on the development of iOS 9.3.1 , but we don’t want to rush into a rush with sloppy solutions for our devices. This is a serious problem that requires a clean and efficient solution.

The company has not provided any other information regarding the problem. We do not know what percentage of devices are affected, or the real cause of the bug. Many users have reported that the problem has started to appear after the installation of third party apps such as the application . Although the developers of this app have fixed the problem.

How to fix the iOS 9.3 links bug in Safari

If your iOS 9.3 device is having this problem, don’t worry, we have a solution for you. Although it is worth noting that it is a temporary solution . To get rid of this annoying bug in Safari you will have to disable the Javascript in iOS 9.3.

To do this, enter the app Settings and select the section Safari . Then go to Advanced and finally tap on Disable Javascript.

We will keep you informed as new information about the bug, the iOS 9.3.1 release and its possible solution becomes available.

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