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Apple to Present Q4 2015 Results on October 27

The US company has announced that on October 27 will release financial results for the fourth fiscal quarter of the year , also known as Q4 2015. This data is highly anticipated, as among other things, sales figures for the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will be available.

Earlier this week Apple announced that during the first weekend on sale the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have exceeded 13 million units . In this way, and although it may seem impossible to many, Cupertino’s have managed to break their own record, as they have exceeded the sales of the first weekend of the iPhone 6 last year.

Apple to Present Q4 2015 Results on October 27
Apple to Present Q4 2015 Results on October 27

On October 27th, Apple will hold the conference in which they will present the financial results of the last fiscal quarter of the year, in which the iPhone 6s will be one of the main protagonists. Here are some details of what is expected to be seen in Apple’s Q4 2015.

It is expected that in these financial results Apple will again break its own record. Thus, it is believed that the company could post a profit of around $50 billion, with a growth margin of approximately 39% .

Without a doubt, one of the big stars will be the iPhone 6s , as it has just been released in a dozen countries and they will release more figures about its first days on sale. On the other hand, they are also expected to talk about the Apple Watch, although nothing is certain.

In the third quarter of 2015 (Q3 2015) Apple reported revenue of $49.6 billion , of which $10.7 billion was profit. On the other hand, the American company managed in that period to sell 47.5 million iPhones, 10.9 million iPads and 4.8 million Macs.

In MacRumors they comment that for Q4 2015 Apple’s revenue is expected to be between 49 and 51 billion dollars with a gross margin between 38.5 and 39.5%. It remains to be seen if these forecasts will finally be met on October 27th.

The financial results usually leave very interesting data, something that we hope will happen again in Q4 2015. There are still a few days left for that, but don’t worry, because on iPadizate we’ll tell you all the details that the company will reveal about its last financial quarter .

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