Apple to offer test kits to security investigators

Apple wants to facilitate the task of security researchers who are in charge of looking for faults in the operating systems launched by Cupertino’s company. It is true that for those who do this it is a nuisance to have to install the betas on their personal devices or to have to buy with their own money another iPhone to perform these installations. Apple wants to solve this problem for the people who in the end help to solve many of the bugs found in operating systems.

Apple will now provide test kits to security researchers so that they can more conveniently resolve software and hardware vulnerabilities. It should be noted that these test kits will be a variant of the iPhone on the market available to the consumer.

Apple to offer test kits to security investigators
Apple to offer test kits to security investigators

Forbes today released a report on the company’s future plans, which also highlights the implementation of a new Mac fault detection reward program.

These test teams will have some built-in differences from ‘normal’ iPhones in order to facilitate the task of detecting and reporting the different vulnerabilities. Among these tools that will make life easier for researchers is the ability to stop processor operations or investigate the device’s memory while some attacks are being performed.

Access to these devices is by invitation only from Apple, so you’ll need to have a certain reputation to get your hands on these devices. But obviously Apple are not stupid and will not offer these researchers their source code which is their most valuable asset or currently to prevent leaks to cybercriminals .

We are very pleased that Apple is strengthening its programs so that researchers can do their work. In the end the results of this work are a positive thing for Apple as it saves them a lot of work and they can boast in the long run of having one of the most secure operating systems for mobiles.

We’ll be watching closely to see what Apple’s future steps are in this direction. What do you think of these special programs?

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