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Apple to offer chat support for Beats products

It’s been a few months since the purchase of Beats by Apple and little by little Cupertino’s company is assuming its responsibilities as the owner of the manufacturer of Beats by Dre headphones.

The last move directly affects customer service and it seems that the firm is preparing to start providing chat support to owners of Beats headsets .

Apple to offer chat support for Beats products
Apple to offer chat support for Beats products

Already in January, Apple started migrating the customer service. The company stopped depending on a third party to provide this service and included it in its own support network. At that time only the phone service was migrated, but from next week will also activate the chat service with which owners of Beats’ headsets will be able to contact Apple’s support technicians directly from the company’s website. Easy, fast and much more direct than an email.

We all know how well Apple’s customer service works, so this move should be very good news for all Beats owners. After all, customer service is really important and the company Tim Cook runs knows a lot about it, and takes care of every single detail.

Have you ever contacted Beats’ technical support? What was it like? How about Apple’s?

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