Apple to Launch Home Automation Platform at WWDC14

Apple could enter the world of home automation through its new platform

A real bombshell was just leaked by the Financial Times today: Apple could introduce a new platform at WWDC 2014 to make our homes “smart” through the automation of everyday tasks . The news takes everyone by surprise, as until now we were not aware of any possibility of Apple entering this new field.

If the information published in the prestigious media is true, Apple would enter the world of home automation in which other direct rivals such as Google or Samsung are already waiting. In fact, it is believed that this decision by Cupertino’s people is a response to not losing an important position by entering later to compete in this field.

Apple to Launch Home Automation Platform at WWDC14
Apple to Launch Home Automation Platform at WWDC14

We still don’t know how the platform will work, although we imagine that home automation could work in a very similar way to how AirPlay currently does. In other words, the technology would be developed and released by Apple, and it would be the third companies that would implement it in their products. The most direct example is the Nest intelligent thermostat, developed by a former Apple worker.

In this way, the devices would include an “Apple Home” chip that would connect directly to our iPhone, through which we could control aspects as varied as turning on and turning off the lights, activating the security alarm or controlling our appliances .

Users may be able to control many everyday tasks through their iPhone

The media also reveals that Apple is already working with different companies to create these devices compatible with the new apple platform:

As noted in iMore, Apple introduced the CarPlay system at WWDC 2013, but it was not implemented in the first vehicles until early this year. With this new platform, something similar could happen, especially considering that the penetration of this type of devices in the market will not be fast, since prices promise to be high .

What do you think about this leak? Would you like to control your house from your iPhone?

Important update

As every year, the WWDC14 can be followed live from iPadizate via the following link:

WWDC14 live

See you on the 2nd!

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