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Apple to Launch Developer Speaking Tour This Fall

We are still amazed by the reception that this WWDC has had, a few days ago Apple put the tickets on sale, in just 2 minutes these had been sold out . As expected, people have a lot of hope in this WWDC, in which possibly the long-awaited iOS7 will be announced, but nobody thought that the reception was going to be such.

Apple is aware of this and has announced the Tech Talk World Tour 2013 , a tour of different cities in which the company will give talks to all those developers who have stayed with the desire to attend the WWDC.

Apple announces a tour to different cities around the world in which it will give talks to developers starting this fall

Apple to Launch Developer Speaking Tour This Fall
Apple to Launch Developer Speaking Tour This Fall

Although the developers who have been left out of this year’s edition or who have simply not been able to attend can follow the conferences of the event with the videos that Apple will publish on its website, this tour is born as a perfect complement to it and will give the opportunity to those small developers who cannot afford the entrance or the trip to San Francisco.

That’s what Apple announced a few hours ago:

Apple does not specify at all the cities where these talks will take place, but to our regret we do not believe that Spain is among them . As you can see in the image published by Apple in the tour that took place in 2011, Rome, New York or London could be some of the cities chosen.

It’s a great initiative from Apple and will give thousands of developers around the world the opportunity to get closer to Cupertino’s engineers by learning how to get the most out of iOS. If we spin it any thinner, it could mean that iOS 7 will incorporate those long-awaited enhancements, and Apple is interested in helping developers learn how to get them.

As we can read in Macrumors, the tour will start in autumn and will pass through the most important cities in the world, will there be any from Spain among them?

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