Apple to introduce new iPhone 6s and iPad on September 9th

The time for the presentation of the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is approaching and with it the rumours are intensifying. The latest one we received talks about the possible date of the device’s launch and, according to the source, Apple could be preparing the launch event for the week of September 7th and they talk about Wednesday the 9th as the most likely date; exactly the same date as last year.

John Paczkowski in BuzzFeed assures that his sources are familiar with Apple’s plans and gives some clues about the possible event. According to him, the company will present at this event the new generation of iPhone 6s and, in addition, he also talks about the possibility that will present new iPads and the new generation of Apple TV .

Apple to introduce new iPhone 6s and iPad on September 9th
Apple to introduce new iPhone 6s and iPad on September 9th

We don’t know exactly what will finally happen, but we certainly believe that one part of the rumour makes all the sense in the world and that is the introduction of the new iPhone. The dates coincide perfectly with the strategy usually followed by Apple, so we are not in the least surprised.

What does call our attention is the fact that the date they give as the most likely date is Wednesday. Apple usually calls its events on Tuesdays , so we are a bit surprised that this time it fits on another day of the week. Even so, you may simply want to match the date with the previous generation or it may seem more appropriate for whatever reason.

Also it is surprising that Apple may be considering introducing new iPads at the iPhone event . The company usually makes two different keynotes to launch new versions of devices, usually one in September and the other in October. We don’t know what will happen finally, although if you ask us we wouldn’t mind seeing an event with a lot of new devices and that would unify both releases in one day.

In any case, we have to wait for official confirmation from Cupertino’s company. There is still a month to go before the date being evaluated, so Apple has plenty of time to send out the invitations to the press for the event; something that usually happens, more or less, a week before.

Will the new iPhone 6s, iPad and Apple TV be presented next Wednesday, September 9th? Will another date be chosen? We’ll soon be out of the woods.

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