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Apple to Host WWDC 2015 on Apple TV

One week before the WWDC event on June 8 in San Francisco, Cupertino’s team presents a channel on Apple TV on the occasion of the live broadcast of the event . You can follow the WWDC keynote directly from your Apple TV device, if you wish.

The Apple keynote will start on June 8th at 10 am Pacific Time, 7 pm in Spain and 1 hour less in the Canary Islands. Cupertino’s people haven’t updated their website yet, but we suppose you’ll be able to follow the event from the official website as well, and we’ll inform you about everything on iPadizate.

iOS 9, OS X 10.11, Apple Music and the new Apple TV on the keynote?

Apple to Host WWDC 2015 on Apple TV
Apple to Host WWDC 2015 on Apple TV

There are many things that Apple will have to present in its keynote on Monday of next week, if all the rumors that have been emerging over the past few weeks are true. Let’s go over everything we could see in the keynote , unless Cupertino’s people give us a surprise and present something unexpected.

iOS 9 and OS X 10.11

iOS 9 will probably be very present in the keynote and also accompanied by the new OS X version 10.11 . Both operating systems will present some new functionalities, but the main objective of the apple company is to present two more stable operating systems with a considerable improvement in performance.

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Streaming music service

Another of the rumours that have taken hold in recent weeks is the streaming music service, which has been dubbed Apple Music, although its final name will perhaps be different. The company on the block wants to change the way it sells music that has worked so well so far and focus on offering a $10 monthly subscription, perhaps with a free trial period. Apple’s biggest commitment is to compete with other similarly successful services, such as Spotify , which already have 86% of the market share.

A new Apple TV

It’s been almost three years since the last device and it’s time for Cupertino to present a new version of his Apple TV. Rumors say that the company of the apple is planning to present a new version of the Apple TV, with some improvements, such as the A8 processor or increasing the internal storage space above 8GB, which is the last model it has launched to the market. It has even been mentioned that it would be possible for the new Apple TV to include its own applications store .

Download the WWDC application for iPhone and iPad

If you want to follow the keynote from your iPhone or iPad, you can also choose to download the official WWDC 2015 application from the App Store, it’s free.

Now we just have to wait until June 8th, at 7pm in Spain, to be able to follow the Apple keynote live. It’s up to you where you want to follow it, now with the possibility of using the Apple TV, as we have known thanks to 9to5Mac. But you can also do it from iPadizate and soon we will give you more information about it.

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