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Apple to experience a new trial against Qualcomm with Tim Cook’s testimony

We’ve talked countless times about the battle between Apple and Qualcomm and vice versa. The cross-check of statements between both companies, the trials that have been carried out and those that are to come mark week after week the current situation of both companies. Today, we echo a report from Bloomberg that both Tim Cook and other Apple executives will testify in an upcoming trial between the two companies.

Next April 15 a new trial is scheduled to begin that will pit Apple and Qualcomm against each other after a legal journey that has been going on for more than two years now, leaving the companies at odds. The reasons for the legal battle are very diverse and are experienced in various parts of the world. This month’s trial will deal with an accusation by Cupertino’s people that chip manufacturers have violated monopoly laws in the United States.

Apple to experience a new trial against Qualcomm with Tim Cook’s testimony
Apple to experience a new trial against Qualcomm with Tim Cook’s testimony

The trial to be held in San Diego will be attended by heavyweights from both entities. Qualcomm will be represented by its president Cristiano Amon and co-founder Irwin Jacobs . But on Apple’s side, the event will be attended by Tim Cook , CEO of the company, and Jeff Williams and Phil Schiller , director of operations and marketing respectively. Former company attorney Bruce Sewell and former head of hardware, Bob Mansfield , will also be attending the trial to testify.

The case in this trial is somewhat complex and involves more than just Apple and Qualcomm. Foxconn , the Chinese manufacturer that manufactures the iPhone, will also be present. It also stands out as other smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung will also be witnesses in a trial that will undoubtedly leave many headlines.

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We look forward to seeing how this litigation unfolds and whether Apple will eventually be able to prove that Qualcomm has acted in violation of the law. If not, we could see the apple company fall for the second time in a very short time to what is already an enemy company and with which it is increasingly difficult to get legal issues set aside for future business.

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