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Apple to announce agreements with Ferrari, Mercedes and Volvo

iOS in the car is a priority for Apple , an essential element in expanding its ecosystem. But its development is not being a smooth ride and Cupertino’s are having more than one problem, leading to these complications even delaying the release of iOS 7.1 as discussed.

Less than a month ago we told you how inside Apple were a bit lost because their development does not fit completely in a software or hardware team and they did not know very well what to do with iOS in the car, even doubting their future.

Apple to announce agreements with Ferrari, Mercedes and VolvoApple to announce agreements with Ferrari, Mercedes and Volvo

One of the biggest problems they were encountering was the lack of agreements with the main car manufacturers to incorporate it into their models. However, it seems that these agreements are about to come, and taking advantage of the Geneva Motor Show, Apple is going to announce agreements with Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari, where Apple’s vice president Eddy Cue is a member of the board. This may be a very important step to be true for Apple and iOS in the car, as it is a good endorsement as they are three brands with a lot of name.

During its announcement at last year’s WWDC, Apple stated that it was working with a number of partners, including Honda, Nissan, Chevrolet, Hyundai, as well as Ferrari, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz, although it seems that at the moment, apart from Chevrolet and Honda which were the first to be confirmed, only the agreements with the last three are closed .

This presentation does not mean that iOS 7.1 will be released next week, when the agreement was announced, but it seems that is already ready for release , and that it will happen, as we told you, in the middle of March, which we started today.

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