Apple, this time. A memorable keynote

The Keynotes have been since the birth of Apple one of the pillars and signs of identity of the company. Apple would not be the same without such memorable product introductions as those of the original iPhone or Macintosh.

In 1984, Steve Jobs knew the importance of this event and that’s why he took care of every detail of the presentation. If you read his biography, you will surely remember how it took a few days to find the right lighting that Steve wanted to have on stage when he showed the Macintosh to the public. Nonsense? No, it’s Apple’s way of telling the world they’re better than everyone else.

Apple, this time. A memorable keynote
Apple, this time. A memorable keynote

Apple is to Steve Jobs, what Keynote is to Apple . As they say in English, there is such a bond or connection between those three arguments that the company itself makes no sense without the perfect combination of all of them.

Logically, last year, and in a very sad way, Steve left this world and with lost happiness many people wondered if Apple would be the same, if it would equal such a scenic expectation , if it could leave us again with our mouths open on a stage without the need to present anything revolutionary thanks to that magic that its CEO had on stage.

And I’m sorry for the negatives, but yes, Apple showed us this week that the company is much more than just a (very important) person . With the passing of time I have become quite negative and critical of the company, I guess that’s what has to grow, what before was a: “it’s Apple, it’s OK”, now it’s a “this doesn’t make any sense”.

But much worse had been my perception of the company regarding its Keynotes, and that is that since the loss of Steve Jobs we have had four Keynotes presented by Tim Cook and his team, and honestly each one has been worse than the last. I’m not talking about the distortion field, it’s just that they have been boring presentations that have tried to surprise us only with arguments based on looking at our navels and saying that they are the best .

Tim Cook is a terrible communicator, I don’t think anyone can say otherwise. He’s one of those people who gets bored when you listen to them for many ” awasome “, ” incredible “, ” whole new level ” and many other little tails that he repeats in an insatiable way to try to attract attention. He speaks excessively slowly, his tone is boring… Luckily it seems that they have noticed this and his screen time is increasingly reduced, so much so that in the iPhone 5 presentation he was on it for less than 10 minutes .

But something even worse than his communicator is the strange pressure that was felt until now in every presentation. A kind of stage fright that you would think of if Steve was on stage, a kind of fear that the media would approve your products without Steve being there, in general you felt a huge tension at every presentation. All of this coupled with a soda jerk like Tim had turned presentations into mere press release readings.

But I don’t know if it was due to the more than good products presented this Tuesday or simply the change in attitude, but I have felt a clean slate in this keynote. The company has moved on, turned the page and is on its way .

Phil was not only having fun on stage, he made his funny jokes like mentioning a “mini” computer when he talked about the Mac Mini, he was also proud of the latest creations of the company and that went completely beyond my computer screen.

For the first time in quite some time I felt like applauding and shouting even more “uuuuu” than those heard at the presentation. I wanted to get out of the chair and say, yes Apple, yes.

And it’s not that Apple presented anything overwhelming, again rehashed with something new just like Steve at the time, but the ways and above all the attitude of its presenters was radically different.

Steve Jobs is no longer with us, but his DNA and his way of seeing things is Apple’s attitude to the world . The attention to detail, typography, design, lighting, presentations, products… All this and more is Apple, a living image of what Steve thought was a technological company. As he himself said during a Keynote:

And we can’t forget the company’s almost “dream” year (if we compare it with last year) because throughout this year all the company’s hardware products have been updated except for Mac Pro, you’ve heard them all right. iPad, iPhone, iPod, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, OS X, iOS…

Logically, the software is now missing, as Miguel pointed out a few days ago. But in any case, the company has moved its money and put all the meat on the table.

Apple has moved on, Steve Jobs now only represents part of the company’s history, not its future . A future that looks more interesting than ever, Apple has a clear idea of what it wants and that you should not doubt: if it is necessary to reinvent itself, it will do it again a third time to achieve it.

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