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Apple thinks of a Smart Cover with keyboard

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, of which we spoke very often in AppleSupportPhoneNumber, today published an Apple patent application that reveals a new configuration of its Smart Cover for the iPad that would include a keyboard on it . Surely the first thing that comes to mind is the Microsoft Surface and its Surface Touch Cover, in which, to deny it, is inspired.

One of the aspects of this design that makes it somewhat different from the Surface Touch Cover is that the Apple keyboard has been designed exclusively to function as a multi-touch gesture keyboard which eliminates the need for a touchpad .

Apple thinks of a Smart Cover with keyboard
Apple thinks of a Smart Cover with keyboard

Another difference is that in this case the keyboard is not part of the case , i.e. it is not used to protect the iPad, but would be a separate piece. As for the union of this Smart Cover with the iPad, in addition to the magnets used in the current ones, Apple proposes new options, such as velcro, buttons, and other types of mechanical joints are some of the options mentioned in the application.

The keyboard can be connected to the iPad either wirelessly or via a physical connector , which leaves it to be seen how Apple handles it. Currently most iPad keyboards made by accessory manufacturers connect to the iPad via Bluetooth.

The most interesting aspect of the patent is the great capacity of configuration that presents/displays the keyboard , with multiple gesture possibilities, like gestures, rotations, etc. and in addition, the surface of the keyboard, as we said before, can work like a tactile panel what eliminates the necessity of a specific touchpad and as well increases the facility of use being the greater surface.

There has been talk of this type of Smart Cover for quite some time, especially in conjunction with the possibility of a larger iPad, which could be more focused on productivity. Also from the moment Microsoft presented the Surface everyone looked to Apple for their reaction, which seems to have been quick in coming as the patent dates back to the third quarter of 2012 , only a few months after the presentation of the Surface.

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