Apple thanks Evad3rs for the bugs fixed in iOS 6.1.3

Evasi0n, the famous jailbreak tool created by Evad3rs Team, managed to reach millions of devices in its almost two months of life; it is already known that every story has an end and this time, the curtain has come down due to the official release of iOS 6.1.3. Despite the fact that this version has managed to cover the security holes used by the exploits, ruining their work, Apple has not wanted to miss the opportunity to recognize its merit for having discovered them.

The love-hate relationship between Apple and the various hackers who have been taking over to try and find vulnerabilities in iOS and exploit them in order to develop their jailbreaks , goes back to the origins of the mobile operating system itself , when it was still known as the iPhone OS. Each new update throws the gauntlet on a scene that, after racking its brain, often ends up finding the security holes needed to run its exploits .

Apple thanks Evad3rs for the bugs fixed in iOS 6.1.3
Apple thanks Evad3rs for the bugs fixed in iOS 6.1.3

It goes without saying that the next published system revision will close those holes forcing the developers to start from scratch. A circle that has been repeated until today and will no doubt continue to do so for years to come.

The last team in charge of bringing the jailbreak to millions of users was the so-called Evad3rs Team, formed by hackers of the stature of MuscleNerd, planetbeing, pimskeks and pod2g ; thanks to evasi0n, we were able to modify the last iDevices to our liking.

Indeed, we speak in the past tense. We had already told you that the first betas of iOS 6.1.3 could be the end of the jailbreak and its official release, just a few hours ago, has only confirmed those suspicions. Thus, one of the most popular jailbreaks in history has, with permission of JailbreakMe, become one of the most ephemeral.

However, as MuscleNerd himself commented from his personal Twitter account, Apple has kindly acknowledged the work carried out by Evad3rs, giving them credit for having discovered four of the six security vulnerabilities that have been patched in iOS 6.1.3.

It is possible that will take some time before we get a new jailbreak , so for the time being, the only option for having root permissions on our devices would be to have a lower version of iOS installed than the one mentioned above. The good news? That Evad3rs Team has several exploits in the bedroom that, hypothetically, could be used in the future iOS 7.

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