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Apple tests different dual-lens camera prototypes

Todos los rumores sobre el iPhone 7 de Apple

¿Qué pensáis acerca de la posible doble cámara del iPhone 7 Plus? ¿Creéis que también estará disponible en el iPhone 7? ¿Qué otras innovaciones tiene preparadas Apple en su smartphone next-gen?

Apple tests different dual-lens camera prototypes
Apple tests different dual-lens camera prototypes

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Several industries and technology/manufacturing companies in Taiwan, Japan and China have sent their prototype dual-lens cameras to Apple for implementation in the new generation of iPhones that will arrive this year, 2016.

According to the sources, Largan Technology, a Taiwanese company; currently provides Apple with 60% of the cameras for its smartphones. This makes analysts think that Apple is looking for other suppliers for the iPhone 7 dual camera to decrease potential risks.

Remember that the iPhone 7’s dual camera will be able to perform all sorts of feats. All the rumors indicate that it will be available on the 7 Plus, but it may also be included in the iPhone 7.

The iPhone 7 and all its rumors

We have seen and collected numerous designs and concepts of Apple’s iPhone 7, but so far little is known about the next-gen iOS smartphone . It has been said that it will have a dual-lens camera, which could include a USB-C port, that it will not have a headphone jack since Apple will release EarPods Bluetooth…

It has also been suggested that the iPhone 7 will have a virtual Home button integrated into the touch screen, in addition it could have a 3500mAh battery and 256GB of storage… And finally, rumors indicate that it will be waterproof, and will come with an A9X chip and 3GB of RAM.

Rumore, rumore…

Find out more rumours and news about Apple’s iPhone 7 in our iPadizate News section on YouTube:

The dual-lens camera of the iPhone 7 would bring many advantages

But, so far, these rumors are just conjecture, predictions and unconfirmed news. So we’ll have to wait and see what Apple has in store for us. In fact, the same sources in this same news item indicate that Apple is working on two models of iPhone 7 Plus: a model with a single iSight camera, and another design with a double camera.

The new iPhone 7 Plus, if it finally arrives with a dual camera, could take advantage of this system to offer users the benefits of the imaging algorithms that Apple acquired through the purchase of the camera technology company LinX Imaging . This translates into all sorts of advantages, images with better lighting, higher resolution, 3D depth mapping, noise reduction…

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