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Apple Tech Talks for iOS 7 announced

Apple has announced the dates and locations of the Tech Talks focused on application and video game development in iOS 7. There will be two days with different themes, the first one will be focused on the development of applications and the second one on the development of video games, the participants can choose which one they want to attend.

Last April, when we were amazed to see that the WWDC, Apple’s developers’ conference, was sold out in just 2 minutes, the Cupertino guys announced that they would start a series of Tech Talks during this year , in which they would give seminars and talks in some cities around the world.

Apple Tech Talks for iOS 7 announced
Apple Tech Talks for iOS 7 announced

Today Apple announced the dates and locations of these Tech Talks, which will be focused on iOS 7 and divided into two days, one for video game developers and another for application developers of other genres .

During these courses and talks, developers will be helped to create applications for iOS 7, taught practical tips and tricks to keep in mind when editing the code , and given personal assistance with both programming and application design. Now all that’s left is to choose the day that’s most interesting to us, whether it’s game development or general application development.

iOS 7 Tech Talks

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The Tech Talks will take place in the following places and days:

Application development days:

– St. Francis: October 8

– New York: October 15
– Tokyo: November 6

– Shanghai: November 12

– Berlin: December 12

– London: December 17

Video game development days:

– San Francisco: October 9th

– New York: October 16

– Tokyo: November 7th

– Shanghai: November 13

– Berlin: December 13

– London: December 18

Developers interested in attending these Tech Talks should apply at 19:00 Spanish time on September 27th at the Apple Developers website . Only those developers who are registered as such on the Apple website and who are over 13 years old will be able to attend. Among those who are eligible to attend, the selection will be random.

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