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Apple teaches you how to program at the Apple Store completely free

The CEO of Apple , Tim Cook, has already made it clear that it is more important to know how to program than to learn languages. The future of the present is about changing our lifestyle. We are consumers, we want to have access to a lot and think little.

To have something or someone solve or improve our day to day. That’s how it is, just look at the time we spend in front of our iPhone scrolling in social network applications. So we have to take advantage of this moment, be a consumer or offer content to improve and entertain the rest of the people.

Apple teaches you how to program at the Apple Store completely freeApple teaches you how to program at the Apple Store completely free

If we choose the second option, we even have the possibility of changing the habit of certain people, in addition to generate income for it and who knows, perhaps devote ourselves exclusively to this new branch of programming on mobile devices. Although it is not easy, but not impossible either.

The world will be dominated by the big companies that make us “sheep” of technology. They know our data, our habits, our tastes, our preferences. They “stupefy” us to such an extent that we need to use a calculator to perform basic actions or even to get to a specific address without having to look at the urban signs that tell us the steps to follow towards our destination.

Social antipathy is also present, we rarely ask someone when we have a doubt, we go directly to our device. We don’t stop to listen to that group in the Metro, we want to know in advance if they are in Spotify or if they have a good amount of followers in Instagram , but we don’t observe their urban art.

Yes, technology is overtaking us, we consume it every day, sometimes for free. Free because without knowing it, we are the product . A product that benefits large technological companies directly and indirectly, benefits that each of us could achieve if we “went over the top”. But as a rule, we are passive.

Knowing to program in Swift (exclusive Apple programming code), allows us to open a range of possibilities. The Californians offer you all the possible tools so that you can begin in an automated way a new path, that of programming. We don’t realize it, but what Apple offers is a real gold mine for those who want to start a new working life or at least a hobby. In addition to other free content in digital book format.

Learn how to program on an iPhone or iPad without prior knowledge , even if you don’t have an Apple device, as you could borrow one from the Apple stores that offer these sessions. Of course, the continuity is already up to each of us, where it would be necessary to have one of their devices in property.

Apple’s effort to make things simple and free has reached a really interesting point. Learning Swift from the iPad with an app that offers a real environment, very educational, designed for all audiences and with the possibility of continuing to advance from anywhere, is really amazing.

So if you’re interested in learning what it’s like to program through Swift, just sign up for some of the free sessions offered by the Apple Store . You can check out your nearest store directly from here.