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Apple Talks to Other Companies to Launch its Mobile Payments System

The company wants the iPhone to become our portfolio

Apple would be negotiating with high profile retailers and distributors to offer a new payment service via the iPhone . As far as we know, the executives of the US company have already begun talks with the directors of various retail store chains in order to offer a new mobile payment service. This is not the first time we have heard of this, as previous reports already reflected that Apple was exploring new payment services.

The latest rumours indicate that these recently conducted conversations have been with retail stores . Specifically, according to the informant source, in the last two months they have spoken with some luxury clothing and premium goods stores, although the names of these companies and the source are not known due to the request of the latter.

Apple Talks to Other Companies to Launch its Mobile Payments System
Apple Talks to Other Companies to Launch its Mobile Payments System

This mobile payment service that Apple would be working on would be integrated into iOS devices such as the iPhone and would allow users to use their smartphone as another payment method in retail stores. A great advantage, without a doubt, is the fact that we will be able to have on the iPhone everything we need and we will not have to carry our wallet with the card or cash to make a purchase.

Apple’s mobile payment service would be linked to iTunes

According to the information published in this report, Apple’s mobile payment service would be different from other similar services already in existence, in that would be directly linked to the user’s iTunes account .

As Apple executive Eddy Cue has commented, they currently have 800 million iTunes accounts linked to credit cards , a really big figure that would open the door to many future products and services for their users.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has hinted in the past that the Touch ID fingerprint sensor could be used in the future to perform mobile payment functions beyond those already possible with iTunes and the App Store.

The creation of a single mobile payment system could take a long time

Apple’s discussions with the retail chains would be part of an investigation to build a single mobile payment service that would be integrated across multiple outlets. But as it is a unique system, it would require a great deal of effort on the part of the company, which would have to do research to see how to carry it out and finally develop it.

According to comments from 9to5mac, Apple would already be in the middle of the research and development phase , which would also have asked these retailers to carry out a survey of customers on their possible activities of interest in relation to payments through smartphones and other mobile devices.

On the other hand, we should not overlook the iBeacons system created by Apple that has been implemented in several retail companies and that could be integrated into the future iPhone mobile payment service. For those who don’t know, iBeacons are small pieces of hardware that, among other things, can be placed in different areas of the stores that determine the customer’s location and provide information about the products they are viewing .

Do you think Apple will integrate this mobile payment service into iOS 8 or will we have to wait longer for it to become a reality?

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