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Apple takes legal action against Donald Trump’s policies

Since Donald Trump won the electoral race for the presidency of the United States – and even since his campaign – many of his statements have referred to Apple . At that time it was the suggestion to start manufacturing all the brand’s devices in the country instead of China that occupied the news headlines.

Now and after formally taking office, it is the executive order prohibiting immigration from seven countries where Muslims are in the majority that has set off the alerts within Cupertino.

Apple to tackle immigration policies

Apple takes legal action against Donald Trump’s policies
Apple takes legal action against Donald Trump’s policies

In a statement released Wednesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook said hundreds of company employees have been affected by Trump’s executive order on immigration and said that Apple is considering legal action. He also said the company would be supporting employee fundraising efforts for organizations that provide aid to refugees.

Also in the information reproduced by 9to5mac, Cook stated that he hopes the White House can be persuaded to rescind the order, but that the company can go to court if no agreement is reached in this way.

While Cook did not specify White House contacts, Trump told Apple’s CEO and other technology leaders in December that they could call him personally.

Technology companies affected by immigration policies in the United States

As CEO of one of the world’s largest technology companies, Cook also took advantage of and referred to the fact that he had received numerous “heartbreaking” emails from Apple employees affected by the travel ban.

Cook’s remarks went beyond Cook’s earlier email to all staff in which he spoke of the importance of immigration to Apple, indirectly referring to the fact that Steve Jobs was the son of a Syrian immigrant when he observed that “Apple would not exist without immigration.

Apple is not the only technology company considering legal action against the executive order banning immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries. **Microsoft, Amazon and Expedia are filing court statements in support of a lawsuit filed by the Washington state attorney general to rescind the order, and other technology leaders have expressed dismay at Trump’s action.

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