Apple surprises by releasing the sixth iOS 11 developer beta

Well, yes, Apple has caught us off guard and unexpectedly launched the sixth iOS 11 developer beta. With it have also been released the corresponding betas of macOS High Sierra, tvOS 11, and watchOS 4.

It’s funny this move if we consider that Apple launched the fifth beta just a few days ago, and when they had us used to releases every 15 days.

Apple surprises by releasing the sixth iOS 11 developer beta
Apple surprises by releasing the sixth iOS 11 developer beta

The novelties we have been able to appreciate in these first hours are the following:

  • The icons of several apps in the system, such as Maps and App Store, have been modified. The Reminders icon has also been modified, returning to the design of previous betas (it suffered a redesign in beta 5).
  • The Auto Brightness option has disappeared from the display and brightness menu in the settings app and has been moved to the display settings.
  • The Photos app has a new welcome screen.
  • Apple has removed the Live Photo from the fish.
  • New animation to link the AirPods.
  • New unlocking animation.
  • Bugs in previous betas have been corrected.

iOS 11 beta 6 features new icons and a welcome screen in the Photos app.

Thanks to Saif Aslam for the video showing the AirPod detection animation:

Thanks to Mike Soto for the video showing the unlocking animation:

Tomorrow we will almost certainly bring you the video review on our YouTube channel so that you can appreciate all these new features in greater detail.

And watch out, we’re on our sixth beta. If we take into account that iOS 10 reached 8 beta, we could be approaching the end of the development and therefore, the possible event where they will present the new iPhone and announce the launch date of this iOS 11.

Finally we don’t want to miss the opportunity to encourage you to participate in this post in which we ask for your opinion on how to improve Apple 5×1. Thank you.

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