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Apple Surprises Again with Fourth Quarter of the Year Figures

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Apple once again surpasses its one-quarter revenue record

Last night, Apple had a media appointment to present its financial results for the last quarter of the year . This quarter is usually marked by product renewals, which makes them good figures, although nothing compared to the next quarter, which includes the Christmas campaign. At iPadizate we want to explain the main points of the financial results in the simplest way possible, point by point.

  • Total 2013 sales are 150 million iPhone, 71 million iPad and 16 million Mac. Without a doubt, the updates that Cupertino’s made have worked very well in sales. The new MacBook Pro Retina and MacBook Air are trying to slow the drop in computer sales caused by the post-computer era. On the other hand, the new iPhone 5s and 5c now account for 5% of all iPhones sold, even though only the first 10 days of sales are counted.
  • The profit generated through iTunes and other services such as iTunes Radio is $16 billion. An absolute outrage in a year marked by 50,000,000 downloaded applications in June.
  • More than 400 million people have entered the 416 Apple Stores worldwide. In addition, it has been announced that 49 stores have been opened or remodeled. As a curiosity, 162 Apple Stores are outside the United States. Thanks to sales in physical locations, Apple has made a profit of 50 billion dollars, 6% more than in previous years.
  • A record income of $171 billion has been achieved. Of this, $37.5 billion has been achieved in the last three months, leaving a profit of $7.5 billion.
  • The total profit, for the whole year, is $37 billion with cash in its coffers of $54 billion.
  • Fifteen companies have been acquired, one every 3-4 weeks or so, investing $8 billion. Thanks to acquisitions like these, we have the technology of Touch ID or Siri, to give an example.
  • US$ million will be invested in dividends, of US$ 3.05 per share, and in the repurchase of shares.
  • 60 billion apps have been downloaded. This has resulted in payments of up to $13 billion to developers for sales of their apps from the App Store.
  • The new music streaming service, iTunes Radio, has 20 million users. This may not seem much, but it is only officially available in the USA at the moment.
  • The fiscal year ends with $146.8 billion in liquid money available for any eventuality.

Tim Cook: “It’s going to be a Christmas for the iPad”

Apple Surprises Again with Fourth Quarter of the Year Figures
Apple Surprises Again with Fourth Quarter of the Year Figures

In addition to all these figures, Tim Cook, clarified that, with the idea of giving away Mavericks and the iWork and iLife suites for new purchases, Apple will stop earning $900 million. It is a very significant stick, but the adoption rate of Mavericks in its first three days, tripled that of Mountain Lion, which cost 16 euros. It is obvious that giving away software does not make money, but loyal users who see their computer working much better now than before and have not invested a single euro in such improvement.

Finally, before the question wheel, Tim Cook stated that it was going to be the Christmas of the iPad . That means that there will be many units in stock of iPad Air, iPad 2 and iPad Mini. Not so with the iPad Mini Retina, which will be in stock right at the beginning.

As pointed out on iPhone in Canada, Apple’s good results have not improved its share price , which closed the day down with $6.45 less per share. It is clear that communication with investors is very important, but on Wall Street, profitability continues to be the key factor and it seems that Apple does not give as much profitability per share as in other occasions. Although everything seems to indicate that little by little they will recover values from some months ago.

2014 looks like it will be a very good year for Apple and according to Tim Cook himself, we should see some pretty important developments. What will they be preparing at Cupertino?

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