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[Apple Store Special] Everything you need to know about youth and business programs

The Apple Stores stand out for their excellent customer service in terms of technical problems and support, but if there is something that really surprises us about the physical Apple stores, it is the activities that are organized for children and young machinists . In these workshops they learn to use Mac OS X with the help of trained monitors, and in the most fun way possible.

So let’s continue with this Apple Store special that we are doing at Apple with everything that is organized around the youngest in the house, which is no small thing: Workshops for young people, excursions and even camps. Let’s look at them with a magnifying glass in the extended entrance.

Workshops for young people

[Apple Store Special] Everything you need to know about youth and business programs
[Apple Store Special] Everything you need to know about youth and business programs

These workshops aren’t just for the youngsters: the idea behind this activity is to bring the whole family together so that together they can work better with their Mac by learning how to use the different iLife applications, work with iWork, or learn how to surf the Internet and perform basic tasks with the applications that come with Mac OS X.

These are free workshops, and you have to fill in a registration form to be able to book a workshop directly on the shop’s website. In the case of the Apple Store de la Maquinista there are still no places available, but we can register from September 20th and start with the workshops in October.

Excursion to the Apple Store

If we change the focus from the family to the school, then we move on to excursions to the Apple Store. For teachers of elementary and middle school students, these consist of taking an entire class to an Apple Store and creating a project with iLife for about 90 minutes . Then, on another dedicated field trip, the students demonstrate the fruits of their 90 minutes of work for an hour.

During the tour, the Apple Store staff will offer all sorts of advice, and students will receive a T-shirt as a souvenir of the experience. Unfortunately, registration for Apple Store tours will not be open until Spring 2011 , so we’ll have to be patient with this activity.

Apple Camp

Finally we have the Apple camp, the most intensive activity. Once again it brings the whole family together, and with completely free three-hour workshops the children are taught how to create a project with iMovie and the rest of the programs in the iLife suite and then burn it to a DVD that they can take home.

Here we find differences compared to the equivalent in the United States, since in that country they even celebrate festivals dedicated to showing all the projects that have been created in the camps, while in Spain this festival is not mentioned.

Anyway, the camps take place in summer and until next year there are still many months in which we will receive news.

With all these activities, if you have young children at home and you want them to learn how to use a mac with a good team of direct Apple staff, the Apple stores in Barcelona and Madrid are a good place to start. There are only four days left for us to check it out ourselves with the staff at the La Maquinista store.

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