[Apple Store Special] Everything you need to know about the Genius Bar

Raimundo Illanes

With only ten days to go before the opening of the first Apple Store in Spain in Barcelona (which will be followed by the second one a week later in Madrid), we thought it would be a perfect moment to talk to you in depth about the operation of these stores and the different services they will offer. And none better to start with than the Genius Bar , described by Ron Johnson, the vice president of the Apple Store , as the “heart and soul of our stores” .

[Apple Store Special] Everything you need to know about the Genius Bar
[Apple Store Special] Everything you need to know about the Genius Bar

But what is the Genius Bar? No, don’t expect to find beers with the Apple logo. It’s a counter with specialists (the Geniuses) ready to answer any technical questions about your Mac, iPod or iPhone, often completely free of charge, offering on-the-spot help and support on Apple products.

The experts at the Genius Bar are specially trained by Apple to provide hands-on technical support, diagnosing problems, resolving them if possible in the store itself or arranging for delivery to the Apple repair center. Originally, they were essentially responsible for providing a direct repair service for Mac users, but after the success of the iPod and the arrival of the iPhone, they began to have staff dedicated exclusively to solving the kind of quick questions that can arise with these products (in Japan there is even an iPod Bar).

Very simple. First you need to make your reservation by making an appointment through their website, specifying the store we want to go to and the product we have the doubt or problem with. Then we can choose between the days and times available (morning, midday and afternoon) and finally, when the time comes, we can go to the store in question with the equipment, its accessories (as there is a possibility that they are part of the problem) and the doubts well noted so that the whole process is as fast as possible and do not make you wait too long for the next shift.

In the Genius Bar you’ll find a series of screens with videos showing tips and tricks to customers who are waiting as well as the waiting list with your name on it so you know when it’s time to touch you. It’s usually possible to make an appointment up to eight days ahead, but if you’re a ProCare customer, Apple’s enhanced in-store service allows you to make reservations up to fourteen days ahead, making it easier to get an appointment at a convenient time.

And to finish a curiosity, I bet you don’t know the name of the section of the stores that Microsoft started to open last year to solve technical doubts? No, man, Genius Bar, no. The people of Redmond were not going to copy that, it would be absurd, right? They called it “Guru Bar.”


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